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忠告 英文

Detection and Admonitory Notice of Adverse Event and Control Procedures of Product Recall

to give advice


人生之路漫长,况诱惑颇多,一时因贪念萌生而“失足”的事在所难免。“失足”的人不意味着该被社会遗弃,但我们又该如何让他们“改邪归正”呢?这时,便需要爱心的力量。 在捡到尚先生的手机后,年轻人的态度从不愿归还转变为不要酬谢,原因正是被手机...

This is my advice to you. 这样行么?

Thank you for your advice.

从那时起他听从了老师的忠告:不懂装懂没有 Since then he has listened to the teacher's advice: do not pretend to understand no

she had no Interest in my advoid at that time.

Advice for a young entrepreneur

You have to give me advice Have you ever let me lead time Have you ever let me take over your dream after you leave Yes, I always let you down, make you sad Stay in the dark corner I just unwanted junk Now return to remake ligh...

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