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忠告 英文

to give advice


dehortation 忠告, 劝谏

Detection and Admonitory Notice of Adverse Event and Control Procedures of Product Recall

This is my advice to you. 这样行么?

Thank you for your advice.

我已经警告过你不要深究了 な接在句末表禁止 最后那个ろ应该是个语气词吧

Hello Peter Have you been doing? Let me tell you what I see an unexpected event. Last Sunday, I was on my way to school to see the famous men injured, seriously, but pass by no one come to help this man, so I took out the mobil...

孙燕姿 hey jude (翻唱国外的) Hey, Jude 嘿!朱德 The Beatles Hey Jude, don't make it bad 嘿!朱德,别搞砸了 Take a sad song and make it better 唱支悲伤的歌,让事情变得更好 Remember to let her into your heart 记得将她牢记在心中...

Advice for a young entrepreneur

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